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David Bruce is a dad.  Today he is a certified teacher in English Language Arts for middle- and high-school students, and in December 2011, he earned a Master’s degree in English literature.  Over time and through various careers, he has been a restaurant manager, a 401k benefits coordinator, an Airman in the United States Air Force, a photographer, a warehouse worker, an author, and a student. Regardless of what type of hat he has worn, though, it is his career as a father that makes him most proud.

Dave has five children and has been writing about parenting from a dad’s perspective for almost a decade. As a writer and a poet, he is the author of the political poetry chapbook, Rage, and the former co-author of the feature column “A More Perfect Union” which appeared in the Corning Leader newspaper every Sunday for 2-1/2 years. David published his first book,  Nietzsche Rebooted in the Twenty-First Century: Cylon Supermen in Battlestar Galactica in January 2012.

David loves photography, music, writing, and literature, believing that these forms of media are a piece of history and a mirror to our society.  An avid rock music fan, Dave loves going to concerts. As well, he enjoys the performing arts.  Throughout his adolescent and adult years, these passions have been his foundation for living, his constants regardless of what his profession was or where home was.

At one time or another calling Colorado, California, Idaho, New York and (what was) West Germany home, David enjoys making new friends, learning of foreign lifestyles and cultures, and engaging in new experiences.  He has been happiest when contributing to something he believes in and when helping make a difference to someone, not something.  As he sees the world changing exponentially on economic, social, and political levels, he worries less about career and more about doing his part to cultivate a generation with a mentality that will meet this changing world with an open mind and a sense of risk.

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