Jimmy Buffet Offers a Pleasant Escape from Life’s Stress

by David T. Bruce

The music and anecdotes of Jimmy Buffett make for a pleasant diversion – an escape – from the stresses of the day.  We may be trapped in our routines at school, work, and home, but for those times we permit ourselves to visit Margaritaville, indulge in tales of the Caribbean, or find “a salty piece of land,” we too can be nomads, departing from the mundane en route to a life in the air and on the sea.

Buffett published books include Where is Joe Merchant?, Tales from Margaritaville, and A Pirate Looks at Fifty.  His audiences are adult fans who long to live their lives vicariously through his real and imagined exploits.  His style is sometimes bold yet most often carefree.  The latter style is that which has somehow gained the attention of younger readers in the most recent Buffett tale, Swine Not?, a tale about a pet pig living in New York City.

The whimsy of Jimmy Buffett speaks through the character of Rumpy, the pig – or perhaps Rumpy, the pig, finds a voice through the flight of the imagination that is inherent in Jimmy Buffett.  At any rate, the book Swine Not? endears itself to a readership not necessarily indoctrinated into the company of Buffett fans known as Parrotheads.  A young reader very close to me found Swine Not? to be a pleasurable read; her review can be found at MomsGetReal.com.

Jimmy Buffet’s books and music are available on Amazon for very reasonable prices.

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