Fathers can be the Breadwinners and the Bread Makers

There was a time when mothers were the typical care givers. They would bandage scraped knees, they would give hugs when hearts were sad and they would make hot cocoa (homemade, mind you) when bodies were cold. Fathers were the sole breadwinners and disciplinarians. The roles of mothers and fathers were once clear, constructs of social and religious customs. Given the divorce rate in our country and the dramatic shifts in social norms, the lines separating these roles have become blurred.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMothers are now working outside of the home more often. Televisions and computers are becoming de facto babysitters and caregivers. Given these circumstances, the father’s role becomes even more crucial than ever before, and in a variety of ways. Oftentimes the importance of the father’s role is overlooked. A recent Pew Research Center survey illustrates that the importance of breadwinning and providing discipline falls below that of instilling morals and providing moral support.

Now more fathers can be found in the kitchen, preparing splendid homemade dishes. As well, fathers are available to tend scraped knees and tender comforting hugs when the need arises. Instead of displacing mothers, fathers are true partners in the role of parenting. And in those instances when partners no longer appreciate one another, fathers can continue to show love and support for their children in a role that comes naturally.


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