Take Action on Your Bucket List Before You Grow Old

by David T. Bruce

Choosing to live in an unfamiliar, more populated community certainly presents a set of challenges. Our daughter will have to accustom herself with new routines, new community expectations, public transportation, and all of the details associated with moving to a new place. This is a huge step for her. For me and my wife, watching her take these new steps is frightening, as she is taking risks. Given the cost of the move, she risks financial instability. Given her unfamiliarity with the area, she risks personal harm. As parents, these are things we worry about, regardless of how unrealistic our concerns may be.

At the same time, watching her take these steps is inspiring because she is taking risks. While the rational, parental part of us insists that she should take care in managing her finances, perhaps saving her money to visit or live on Long Island another day, the idealistic, starry-eyed part of us praises her for jumping into life.

While at first, I (as well as my wife) was hesitant about her desire and motivation to live on Long Island, her persistence and penchant for accomplishing her goals has assured me that she is doing what is right for her. What I think is of little consequence in the end. She is living her life, and she is taking risks that reflect who she is and risks that will shape who she will become. Now is the best time for her to take this risk.

We find we have so much we want to do before we take what we largely believe to be the final journey. We yearn to avoid or hinder death by taking risks perhaps we should have taken when we were younger.

I think our daughter has the right idea. Risks are a part of growing, not a part of dying. If we are afraid to take risks, then we become afraid to live, and we most certainly shall die. She is beginning to fill her bucket list now, and I applaud her for risking. While I reserve the right as parent to share my concerns, I am grateful that she is strong enough to listen and still make her own decisions. She decided to risk, and we are both the better for her choosing to do so.

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